Susanne Raaf – Writer and Creative Producer

Susanne Raaf embraces all forms of communication and is the creative force behind a project from start to finish. She has initiated and collaborated in many projects from magazines to interviews to productions.

Susanne Raaf is a freelance writer/creative producer with a BA in Literature specialising in Publishing from University of Lund, Sweden. Her company “Susanne Raaf” was founded in Berlin in 2014 and she works with clients across a number of industries from all over the world with focus on Scandinavia, Germany and the US. Her specialties include press releases, newsletters, blogging, preparing website content, and feature articles for magazines and travel agencies. Susanne writes in her mother tongue Swedish and English, and has a great understanding for German and Danish.

Susanne’s motto is keeping the vision and fuelling the engine whilst working with the best creative talents from different fields.