Nature’s Pantry

“As inhabitants of the earth, we are nourished and sustained by Mother Earth who provides us our food and all the resources for life. If she is healthy and well, we will be healthy and well. Our fates are intertwined.” —Dharma Master Cheng Yen

Take a step into the woods and feel your self greeted to natures own pantry.
Roam around wild and free and explore all the nutritious things Mother Nature created for us to use, collect, harvest and preserve. Discover how many edible plants and mushrooms there are and how fun it is to collect them and use them in your cooking.
In Sweden alone there is more than 250 wild plants and mushrooms to be enjoyed.
If you add the fish in the lakes and the oceans you can compose your own meal entirely based on natural ingredients. In an era where we reap more than we saw it has become necessary to live consciously about ecological sustainability and to have a lifestyle that minimizes our environmental impact. That can only happen in living in harmony with nature. Those who act wisely today will have the wisdom in the future to make wise decisions.
Try to rediscover past generations knowledge about food and medicinal plants in the wild and realise how much is out there that we didn’t even had a clue about.
Less than 100 years ago, a short time in the evolution of man, there were no preservatives, artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup or even pesticides.
There were no Big Macs, Mars Bars or soft drinks. There were also far fewer numbers of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, ADHD and other “modern” diseases that many of us will have today. To me, the connection is clear. It’s also important to comprehend how vegetables have changed since they grew in the wild and now have become cultivated by humans. Most of the time, the nutrient content dramatically diminished when man started breeding tastier plants. Instead of lingering on the sofa thinking; what difference does it make if I change my way of eating since there are 9 billion other people out there not doing a thing. I say we all have individually responsibility both for threatening our bodies like temples but also to our future and its generations. Mother Nature didn’t create water and supported human life for millions of years in order for us to drink soda. The beauty of entering the Natures Pantry is that it doesn’t cost any money, only time and you can store up and preserve for the winter months to come. Ever tried making a risotto with hand picked and home dried porcini with herbs that has grown on your vegetable patch? If not, you’ve missed the best meal of your lifetime.
There is something beautiful and rewarding in picking your own berries and mushrooms and seeing the preserved cans and jars on the shelf. It gives a sense of accomplishment and also a deeper connection to the earth and nature.
If more and more people switch to eco-friendly habits, our collective efforts can protect our planet. Put on your Wellies and go out in Nature’s own Pantry and fend for yourself like in the old days. You never know when you will need these skills.