Retro Spa in Czech Republic

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live”.
– Jim Rohn (1930 – 2009), Businessman and Philosopher.

The Czech Spa tradition
Escape from everyday life and strengthen your body, mind and soul in one of Europe’s most famous spa countries. Whether you’re looking to improve your health or just to unwind and relax Czech Republic is the perfect place for your next spa holiday.

For centuries the Czech spa triangle in the northeastern parts of Czech Republic has been visited by eminent guests such as Goethe, Chopin, famous athletes, actors, artists, politicians, and many hundreds of thousands of us mortals.
Why is it that so many of us go to this part of the world for relaxation and spa treatments? The answer is quite simple; the spa tradition is a natural part of the Czech culture.

The spa town of Marienbad – a healing experience
My visit to the Czech spa town of Marienbad was simply a deep dive into a long tradition. I was charmed and seduced by the historical and cultural richness of this picturesque corner of the Czech Republic with its romantic hills, old monasteries and churches, elegant spa buildings with notable architectural elements, beautiful walks and peaceful parks. In a lush valley with a charming renaissance square where the houses stand close, I found the quiet and legendary spa resort of Marienbad.

The town has an excellent reputation around the world for its therapeutic and healing natural resources. Here they still use traditional therapeutic treatments derived from the natural mineral water, mud, natural gas and the climate. This is combined with current knowledge in the field of alternative medicine in which a variety of health problems are treated completely naturally. Visitors flock here; not all the times for what we consider to be traditional spa treatments, but rather if you have problems with rheumatism, kidney and liver diseases and obesity. However in recent years the Czechs have realized that more and more people are demanding wellness and relaxation instead of the more traditional medical spas.

Unwind at Falkensteiner Hotel Grand Spa
I simply got a break from everyday life and my hectic schedule at Falkensteiner Hotel Grand Spa Marienbad. Their salt bath and sauna treatment is something I highly recommend. The salt bath and sauna in combination had a purifying and positive effect on my skin and it felt like I got a whole new vitality and energy. The Czechs made ​​me really realize how good life is when you take care of yourself!
There are also other enjoyable destinations in the vicinity; take the detour to the other spa town of Carlsbad or visit the Becherovka museum and Moser museum that shows the production of traditional Czech glasses and the golden city of Prague is only 170 km away. In the current economic climate in which we all tighten our belts Czech Republic still remains an affordable spa destination in comparison to other European countries. Why not treat yourself to loving care and discover the beauty of a Czech Spa?!