South Africa – A Magical Place

South Africa is somewhat a magical place filled with surprises and a wide range of both well-known and hidden gems.

Cape Town and the surrounding areas with its vineyards in combination with either safari in the Kruger National Park or in Kwa Zulu Natal, is something you absolutely cannot miss!
Do you want to try a new way to take you around the vineyards; you should try the vintage wine train that goes between the farms in Franschhoek. In addition to a safe journey through beautiful and lush landscape you also ride with a good and green conscience. Do not forget the small fishing communities along the coast, such as Kalk Bay with its lovely little shops and restaurants serving freshly caught fish and fresh oysters, which invites you to enjoyment of life at a high level. Driving along seductive Chapman’s Peak is one of the most exciting things in South Africa; the road curve along the mountain ridge, and on the other hand, dips into the sea. Horror at it’s best!
Once at the Cape of Good Hope you will be met by magnificent and spectacular views. There is a great opportunity to see wildlife, including eight species of antelopes, zebras and baboons. For those of you who are looking for adventure and adrenaline, I recommend a controlled abseil descent from the top of Table Mountain at 1000 meters above sea level while enjoying the breath taking views of Cape Town’s beautiful beaches. Other classics are diving with great white sharks, whale watching in Hermanus and hiking in the Drakensberg Mountains. To get a deeper insight into the country’s rich history and its present, you must make a visit to Robben Island and a guided tour to the townships. South Africa simply has something for everyone. Add to that a warm welcome, fantastic scenery and a pleasant climate and you have all the ingredients for a perfect holiday.

Thanks to: Sydafrikaresor