The Power of Cooking

”Cooking happens to be an art form that goes beyond languages”

The awakening of senses smelling the coffee brewing in the early morning, feeling the sharp knife all smooth and heavy in my hand making the chop, chop sound against the wooden cutting board. Coming home after a long workday and surrender to the kitchen nest and letting the mind totally go quiet; focused on the recipe and the ingredients.
This is the moment when the magic happens. A moment of an ease of mind and soul, like when honey meets Chevre or like butter in the sauce or like the herbs giving its tangy flavours and putting the extra flair to the meal. This is the secret recipe to mental and physical happiness. Cooking is meditation followed by a good meal afterwards.
It is so simple, but so easy to forget to be present in the moment in our hectic life scheme. Take the chance and try because its still one of “those chores” that has to be done. While cooking you can let go of all the negative thinking by focusing the mind on following a recipe. Like a string of pearls unravelling you will find pleasure in finding the best produce, the spice that will make your mouth water and you will start using all your senses by touching, smelling and listening. Simply put a great endorphin booster!
It’s also a great way of channelling your creative expressions because you have endless possibilities in altering, trying new flavour combinations and combining childhood memories with the present. Meals have throughout the ages been a symbol of sharing, nurturing and loving one another.
Why not try to make something out of what you have in the pantry and fridge? This will leave you with a sense of accomplishment and an increased self-esteem of creating something new out of something old. Another benefit is that you control the quality of the food and what you are putting into your mouth. Something that we have become increasingly aware of in todays society and that is ever so important due to the fact that we move and exercise less and less. Happy body and healthy brain!
Cooking is a great thing that should not be viewed as a chore but an opportunity to relax, create, and treat your body well. Last but not least don’t forget that the kitchen is a wonderful social place and making a meal is the best way to gather everyone around the dinner table.