Things to do in Prague

There’s something about trips that changes us; make us look at life with a different perspective.
It’s not always easy to tell what it is that has become different after we get home. Perhaps it is the journey that takes us out of our everyday lives, and that everything we see and experience is new and exciting. But it seems that no matter where we go, and no matter how long we are away, we come home reborn with new influences.

I take the train from Berlin to Prague, a trip that takes about 4 hours and 40 minutes through a beautiful landscape of rivers, valleys and picturesque villages.
Once in the centre of Prague, I take the subway to the hotel Waldstein located on the lesser side of the Vltava River, the area is called Mala Strana in Czech.
A very charming, rustic and tucked away hotel within walking distance to the most and best the city has to offer. After a quick check-in and a change of clothes I head out on the beautiful streets to find a place to have a lunch. I round the corner of the street Tomasska and find the restaurant U Zlateho Precliku. The food satisfies my stomach with duck, two kinds of sauerkraut and three kinds of dumplings. A dark beer from Velke Popoviche Kozel soothes my thirst. Finally I’m back to where I belong!
Satisfied, I begin my walk along the cobblestone streets of the government district in the direction of the Charles Bridge.
This beautiful bridge always offers new prospects and interesting pictures. No matter how many times I’ve walked over it; I always discover something new. I start my walk towards the Old Town Square; I always manage to get lost on the road, but well ahead I marvel at the fabulous square that breathes history. Prague is made for walking, and there is hardly any traffic in the central parts.
I stop at Bakeshop, Kozi 1 to get my coffee needs satisfied and the street is also a good place to check out Czech trends and expensive cars on the way to the exclusive street Parizska. At the newly opened oyster bar Zdenek’s, Mala Stupartska 5 I celebrate the beginning of my mini vacation with lovely French oysters and bubbles.
Walking to the hotel in the moonlight and in the shadows of the statues on Charles Bridge; they almost come to life. After a rather fastidious breakfast “Czech style” I head to Praha Bike for today’s adventure on bike. My guide show me the main attractions such as the Dancing House, John Lennon Wall, Kampa Park and the Jewish ghetto, all in different neighbourhoods. The guide Francesco is knowledgeable and responds happily, whilst eagerly awaiting our questions. After a rewarding bike ride that lasts over 3 hours, my stomach are rumbling and I find the restaurant Pivnice Stupartska, Stupartska 9 close to Praha Bike, where I order a pork knee (tastes sweet but sounds bizarre) and ribs. What a plate of food coming on the table! Two hours later and in light food coma I head to pick up tickets for the night’s performance Laterna Magika at the national theatre Národní Divadlo. The show has a nice retro feel to it, with sound, light, dance, drama and film interacting with each other. I’m mightily impressed by the play that does not offer a single word, but still tells a compelling story. A piece of Czech art at it’s best! After the play I end up in a cosy bar where film critics, young & old and hippies meet over a drink.
Sunday is the Sabbath day according to tradition. After a long sleep-in and breakfast I walk up to the castle to take part in the Changing of the Guards. A fairly impressive march and out of step, but who cares when the view of Prague is strikingly beautiful. I then take the tram out to Holesoviche and the new art centre DOX, which is hyper-modern in comparison to the rest of Prague’s buildings. The exhibition has the theme of our approach to disability and what we regard as normal. Interesting and highly contemporary! The area offers in addition to the Old Prague the real Prague, where Czechs themselves live. The neighbourhood also shows a clear imprint of communism with its impact on the dull and ugly facades.
I have lunch at Cross Club that in the evening turns into a place where young and old artists’ souls come together to listen to different music styles and where dancing takes place long into the night and until the sun rises. A beautiful new addition and I will for sure journey back on my next visit to Prague.
I take the tram back into town and sit down for a coffee at Grosseto Marina Ristorante, Alsovo nábřeží, which is a restaurant boat, docked at the wharf of the Vltava. I’m enjoying the view of the river and the Charles Bridge and think that life will probably not get much better than this. Slowly walking and absorbing the atmosphere I decide to try the Thai restaurant NOI in the vicinity of the hotel. Pleasant, genuine and with a hip atmosphere as well as with good prices.
A whole feast with drinks for two for 300 Czech korunas … I’m not complaining! Last day and then I have to leave this beautiful city for this time, but see you soon again!
I take the tram up to the Petrin Hill and become one with the city and the book in my hand. Then it is time for the final meal at the restaurant Kolkovna Olympia, Vitezna 7. Here I order my usual Smažený sýr (fried cheese) and pickled sausages accompanied by an Urquelle beer.
I leave Prague behind, on a train that rocks us at a leisurely pace back home.
A few pounds heavier around the waist, a little better trained legs and a few kilos of memories in my luggage. Create your own Prague; since Prague is never the same. Do not forget that we only live once and that is NOW!

Well met in the city that has something for everyone!